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Want to spice up an event in Atlanta with unforgettable flair? Hire a Solo Burlesque Dancer in Atlanta or a Group of Burlesque Dancers in Atlanta for your Next Event and add that wow factor that will leave your guests in awe! Whether you are celebrating a special occasion, surprising a friend who’s throwing a party, corporate event, dinner party, hiring Atlanta Burlesque Dancer(s) for your club, bar or hookah lounge, Red Velvet Burlesque Dancers in Atlanta are the professionals to book with.

With all the preparation for your event, you want to hire from a reputable and professional Burlesque Dancer Company in Atlanta, that will make sure your entertainment needs are handled with the professionalism your event deserves. Our Beautiful Burlesque dancers will have your guests off their feet in excitement as they watch, elegant and sexy, moving and shaking at its best! There’s a lot of debate about how and where Burlesque dancing got its start, and how long ago, but one thing is for sure; Burlesque dancing has been a spicy way of having artful entertainment to this day and Red Velvet Burlesque Dancers are the way to go. 

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So, if you're getting married, and you want to add some extra special and unforgettable entertainment to your wedding in Atlanta Georgia, hiring a Atlanta Burlesque dancer for your wedding is the way to go! Maybe you want or really wow the guests at your wedding hire multiple Burlesque dancers in Atlanta and have a group of Burlesque dancers performing instead!

Either way, having the enchantment of the Burlesque dancing scene at your wedding will have your guests intrigued with excitement and amazement as they watch our beautiful Burlesque dancer or dancers shaking and moving around the room to the most rousing music. Hire Burlesque dancing in Atlanta and the surrounding areas from Red Velvet Burlesque and lets us handle the entertainment while you sit back, relax, and enjoy it!

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Picture it, it’s your wedding day and they are about to announce you and your significant other as one union for the first time ever, making that grand entrance but before you do, a Burlesque dancer or Burlesque dancers captivates the audience with the most unforgettable sexy performance.

Now the emcee quiets everyone down and makes the announcement, “Ladies and gentlemen for the first-time evener as XXXX and XXXX” Now that’s a grand entrance! Hire a Burlesque dancer in Atlanta for your wedding and make the grand entrance very few have ever seen at a wedding before! Atlanta Weddings are a great platform for burlesque when you are looking to make an exquisite and unique impact on the audience!

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Baby Showers!

Burlesque dancers at a baby shower? You heard that right, what better way to celebrate than with a little rhythm, Atlanta Burlesque dancers are a great way to celebrate the newcomer and highlight the unique essence of a mommy-to-be, all the while entertaining and empowering the audience! Open your mind to a powerful and enjoyable celebration of new life! Hire a Atlanta Burlesque dancer or Burlesque dancers in Atlanta for your baby shower and let's make it a unique baby shower for the ages! 

Burlesque Dancers for Bachelorette Parties

in Atlanta

Nothing says “Atlanta bachelorette party” like Burlesque dancers in Atlanta! Hiring Atlanta Burlesque dancers for a bachelorette party is the perfect way to display things like the wedding theme or colors as well as any cultural background of the bride or groom. Burlesque dancers are also the perfect way to get the crowd involved, excited, and well on their way to having an unforgettable time that can be reflected on for years to come.  

Burlesque dancers can control the entire vibe of a party making it lighthearted and funny or deep and sensual, or whatever vibe it is you're trying to achieve. Regardless of how you plan your Atlanta bachelorette party, Burlesque dancers can take it to the next level for a night you’ll cherish forever! Hire a Burlesque dancer for your bachelorette party and make it a bachelorette party for the ages!

Hire Belly Dancers In Atlanta for

Bachelor Parties

Nothing says “Atlanta bachelor party” sexy women, usually strippers in Atlanta but, we have a classic, yet classy alternative! And nothing says classy Atlanta bachelor parties like sexy Burlesque dancers! Hiring Atlanta Burlesque dancers for a bachelor party is the perfect way to display a top-notch touch of class, maybe just for the G rated version and guests that need it!

Burlesque dancers for a bachelor party in Atlanta are great as well for any cultural background of the bride or groom, just in case the older family will be in attendance... Burlesque dancers are also the perfect way to get the crowd involved, excited, and well on their way to having an unforgettable time that can be reflected on for years to come.

Burlesque dancers can control the entire vibe of a party making it lighthearted and funny or deep and sensual, or whatever vibe it is you're trying to achieve. Regardless of how you plan your Atlanta bachelor party, Burlesque dancers can take it to the next level for a night you’ll cherish forever! Hire a Burlesque dancer for your bachelor party and make it a bachelor party for the ages! 

Atlanta Burlesque Dancers for

Birthday Parties

Hiring Atlanta Burlesque dancers for a birthday party is the perfect way to bring some spice or culture to a birthday celebration. What better way to celebrate your special day than to hire Burlesque dancers in Atlanta to perform or even teach a class on Burlesque dancing! Imagine you have your friends around you enjoying your birthday and everyone gets to join in with the dancers and learn to Burlesque dance by one of the very best Atlanta burlesque performers.

Not only is it a good way to get out of your bubble but your guests will forever remember your special day and the exotic nature that only Atlanta Burlesque dancers can bring! Hiring Burlesque dancers in Atlanta for a birthday party is a sure-fire way to make it a birthday celebration that won't be run-of-the-mill or ever forgotten! Hire Burlesque dancers for your birthday party! 

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Atlanta for Private Lessons

Have you ever seen a Atlanta Burlesque show in person? maybe you saw it on tv and decided it could spice up your relationship and you should go. Maybe you just want to learn a new hobby or even a new form of exercise to keep your figure and hiring a burlesque performer to teach in home has been something on your to-do list. Well look no further because Burlesque dancing can fulfill all these things and more, all while keeping a smile on your face. Private Burlesque dancing lessons at your home can range from occasional stress relief to becoming a pro in no time, and it's something you’ll or your friends will never regret or forget! Hire a Atlanta Burlesque dancer for lessons today and let's have fun with it!

Atlanta Burlesque Dancers For Hire for

Group Lessons

Burlesque dancing is not only fascinating, but it is also tons of fun and in a crowd, setting can sometimes even lead to a six pack and just from all the laughing! Everyone knows Burlesque dancers in Atlanta Georgia can be a ball to watch but think bigger... you and “the girl” (or boys, or both) dancing with the dancers learning how to control your hips and having a killer time getting to critique your friends dance moves.

It’s only up from here because at the end of the night you're going home with memories that will stick forever as well as some hot new dance moves! Hire Burlesque dancers for group lessons and let the fun begin! If you are a bar or club looking to sell tickets and hold a burlesque dance lesson party in Atlanta or just bring a burlesque dancer to your home in Atlanta or the surrounding areas, we have Atlanta burlesque dancers for your group dancing lessons!

Hire Burlesque Dancers in Atlanta

for Private Parties

Add an exotic twist to your private party to get your guests into the spirit of things and maybe even up dancing. A good Atlanta Burlesque dancing routine can be mesmerizing, enjoy yourself and watch as your celebration turns into a party with the energy the dancers will bring to the room. Whatever the reason for your shindig, even no reason at all; hiring bell dancers is an unforgettable way to make it a private party to remember! Hire a Atlanta Burlesque dancers for private parties from us today! 

Hire Burlesque Dancersfor Atlanta

Corporate Events

When it comes to corporate events it’s all about presentation... breaking the ice before a presentation or launch of a new product, maybe someone is getting a promotion or, it’s the office Christmas party. Look no further because nothing warms the room like a Atlanta Burlesque dancer. Imagine how immersed your audience or coworkers will be as the dancers move from table-to-table dancing to different songs captivating the audience one by one.

Or maybe hire more Burlesque dancers for your corporate event and watch as you wow your clients, coworkers or employees with a few of the most mesmerizing entertainers any of you have seen! Hire Burlesque dancers for corporate events and let’s break up the monotony, let's do unconventional!

Hire Burlesque Dancersin Atlanta for

Hookah Lounges

Atlanta Hookah lounges already have tons of fun energy... lit music, premium shisha, drinks, and Burlesque dancers to take it to the next level. Maybe you own the hookah lounge or maybe you're just out with some friends celebrating or just having fun, Atlanta Burlesque dancers will not disappoint.

With the exotic costumes and middle eastern style dancing some might say a hookah lounge should always have Burlesque dancers in Atlanta, but one thing is for sure once you experience it with them it'll never be the same! Hire Burlesque dancers to perform at the Hookah lounge today and let's be different! 

Hire Burlesque Dancersin Atlanta for

Nightclub Events

Atlanta Nightclubs are arguably one of the best scenarios for hiring Burlesque dancers due to the pure party environment as well as the lighting, music, and just overall vibe of the club. Not only will the Atlanta Burlesque dancers fit in, but they will stand out in all the best ways! having a crowded party? Have the dancers dance all through the crowd.

Have a different vision? Maybe have them organized on different stages regardless of what type of event you hire the Burlesque dancers for, they will bring synergistic energy and you’ll find that even in the background of events Burlesque dancers have a unique ability to keep the attention of those at the party. Hire Atlanta Burlesque dancers for your night club from us and let us help you spice up the party! 

Hire Burlesque Dancersfor Promotional Events

in Atlanta

Promoting an event in Atlanta can be challenge, this raises only one question... “Do we hire one Burlesque dancer or hire a group of Burlesque dancers?” Burlesque dancers can do the perfect job promoting due to their ability to control the attention of their audience.

Between the mesmerizing dance moves and whatever message is being promoted with their performance the audience will not only be entertained but also interested in what you’re promoting. Maximize your connection with the audience in the most enjoyable way... with Burlesque dancers! Hire Burlesque dancers in Atlanta for a promotional event today from us and let's get your audience captivated! 

Hire Burlesque Dancersin Atlanta for

Anniversary Parties

Nothing says “good ole days'' like a killer anniversary party with Burlesque dancers in Atlanta! Be it a couples anniversary party or even a larger group the dancers never disappoint. Another reason to have them around is what makes you feel younger than dancing around with your friends and some of the most amazing Burlesque dancers in Atlanta?

Anniversaries are few and far between, so make yours count with the finest Burlesque dancers and make it one that is only topped by the next one! Who knows, maybe the sexy and erotic dancing might spark a little fire in your after party when you get home! Hire a Burlesque dancer in Atlanta for an anniversary today and let it be one anniversary that no one ever forgets attending!

Hire Burlesque Dancers in Atlanta for

Dinner Parties

Dinner parties in Atlanta, GA sometimes can be a bit boring and sometimes even awkward, break the ice and create a comfortable, exciting, and entertaining environment with Atlanta Burlesque dancers. One dancer could suffice most dinner parties dancing from table to table as the music changed enticing the crowd one by one or a group of dancers could perform together flooding the room with energy and laughter.

Regardless of your preference you will be pleased as a Burlesque dancer transforms your dinner party! After the Burlesque dancer performed, watch how your dinner guest now has a whole new topic of conversation for the rest of the evening! Hire a Burlesque dancer in Atlanta for your next dinner party and let's turn ordinary into extraordinary! 

Hire Burlesque Dancers for Holiday Parties

in Atlanta

A Burlesque dancer in a red, green, and white costume are all you need to have a Atlanta holiday party for the ages. Holiday themed Burlesque dancers in Atlanta are an experience your guests never imagined but will LOVE. Burlesque dancers are already mystical and flashy so stack that with the holiday theme and music, bells and you'll be talking about it for years to come!

Another great benefit to Burlesque dancers is if it's a family event professional Burlesque dancers can be child friendly creating a fun cultured family environment that everyone will love!

Hire Burlesque Dancersin Atlanta as a

Surprise Gift

Who wouldn’t want a Atlanta Georgia Burlesque dancer as a surprise gift?? Your friend or family member walks in and boom music starts. Burlesque dancers walk in surrounding them or perhaps wading through a group fascinating the unsuspecting audience while moving with an almost sensual vibe and rhythm. There is almost nothing better to be surprised by and the effect will be powerful and lasting! Whoever receives this surprise will get the experience of a lifetime, and more!

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